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    OTG, an abbreviation of On-The-Go, acts as a supplementary standard of USB. It allows USB equipment, such as mobile phones, to act as the primary device for direct connection with USB drive, mouse or keyboard.

  • M152 OTG USB FAQ

    This is caused by the abnormal termination of Q1. Why can't I input text with the phone's touch keyboard after using TEAM CROSS ?TEAM CROSS. Please refer to the following steps for recovery : Step 1. Open the [Settings] menu Step 2. Select [Language & input] Step 3. Select default options for keyboard and input methods Step [1] [2] Step [3] Q2. Why can't I connect TEAM CROSS using WiFi? Ensure your phone and computer are on the same WiFi hotspot. If you are using the TEAM CROSS (WiFi) list to connect to the phone, please tap the refresh button in the upper right corner to get the latest list of phones connected. First, successfully connecting your phone and computer via the USB cable; then expand the toolbar and switch to WiFi wireless connection. Ensure your phone and computer are successfully connected via USB cable; if the phone is restarted, a USB connection must be successfully reestablished via USB cable in order to use WiFi wireless connection. If you have already followed the above instructions and your phone and computer are successfully connected via USB cable, but the WiFi button on the toolbar is still empty (as shown in the red circle); please check if any antivirus software installed on your computer is blocking the wireless connection. Please turn it off and retry. Q3. Why is my phone screen freezing after connecting to WiFi? You are probably experiencing poor or disrupted WiFi signals. We suggest you use TEAM CROSS via USB cable and turn on the WiFi hotspot on your phone, and then connect your computer to that same WiFi hotspot, therefore your phone and computer will be under the same network environment. Q4. You have already enabled and allowed USB debugging mode on the phone, but the [Allow USB debugging?] message keeps prompting. This is probably caused by the unsuccessful installation of the USB debugging driver. Please connect your computer and phone via USB cable, and then restart TEAM CROSS. Q5.How to solve [No android device found]? First, unlock your phone screen. When your phone screen turns dark or goes to sleep mode, please unlock your screen and you will see the picture as shown above. Please check [Always allow from this computer] and tap [OK]. If you have already unlocked your phone screen, but still can’t see the prompt window as shown in the picture above; please replug the USB cable connected between the phone and the computer, then the window will appear again. If you are using Windows 7, please check the taskbar to see if the driver is still installing; the prompt window will appear on the phone only after the driver is finished installing. Please ensure the system time on your computer is accurate. If it is invalid, please adjust the time and restart TEAM CROSS. Check if your computer has installed any other phone assistant applications. Please turn them off and restart TEAM CROSS. Q6. Why I can't connect to TEAM CROSS via USB cable? Ensure the display adapters on your computer device manager is not Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. If it is, please go to the website of your display card company, then download and install the latest display card driver.  


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