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    Warranty Requirements

    1. TEAMGROUP only do repair service, data recover or data back-up is not in service field. We strongly recommend that you regularly back up all data from TEMGROUP product. TEAMGROUP shall not be liable for loss of any program or data stored on the failed TEAMGROUP product and shall not be responsible for data recovery and back up.
    2. Please note that the customer is liable for freight and insurance to Taiwan. After finish the RMA procedure, we will send back to you on our expense except the customs duty, which depends on the local customs.
    3. The applicability of this warranty service does not include product damage caused by unnatural external causes. The warranty does not cover damage or problem as follows:
    • Damage caused by accidents, vandalism, misuse, unauthorized disassembly, natural disasters or power problems.
    • This product must be used with other compatible computer equipment; if the damage is caused due to other manufacturer’s accessories, warranty obligations will not be upheld.
    • Products purchased through distribution channels unauthorized by TEAMGROUP.
    • Product maintained or disassembled by unauthorized technical personnel.
    • Warranty label, product serial number or label is removed, modified, damaged, tampered or unclear and so on.
    1. Your TEAMGROUP product is covered by this Warranty Service under the specified warranty period starting from the original purchase date. Proof of the original purchase date is required for this Warranty Service. If any proof of the original purchase date can’t be offered, then TEAMGROUP will verify from the serial number on the product.
    2. After receiving the products you sent, if we found out the RMA products are not made from TEAMGROUP, then warranty service would be terminated and stopped repairing.
    3. For certain products, we give you replacements instead of maintenance; therefore, after maintenance period, the product you receive may be not the original one you sent at the beginning.
    4. Due to high replacement rate, when a product is no longer to be produced or CAN NOT be repaired, TEAMGROUP will replace it with a substitute.
    5. The memory modules you bought are dual channel or for a set, please must send all out together, so that we can analyze and make sure all of our modules can work on a computer.
    6. After submitting the online RMA form in 14 days, please send the RMA products to TEAMGROUP After 14 working days, the RMA number you applied would be invalid. Please apply for new RMA number online again.
    7. If the address you fill in is incorrect or no one can help receive the parcel when a carrier arrives, and therefore the parcel can’t be sent to the receiver’s address successfully. Afterwards, the parcel would be returned to TEAMGROUP. The shipping date would be recalculated and we will resend after receiving the return parcel. Therefore, our customer in Taiwan will receive the parcel within another 14 working days.
    8. Please must not send products which are not made by TEAMGROUP.
    9. In general, if you are our end customer, then please don't make the customs clearance; If you are our distributors, then please must make the customs clearance.  
  • STEP 1. Please fill your personal information.
  • Gender
  • Please must fill in area code. ex: 81331456789

  • Accept number Only

  • If you use free mailbox, then please check in your spam to receive the RMA letter.

  • Please fill in complete address.

    *According to our private policy, we will protect your personal information.

  • STEP 2. Please fill your RMA product imformation.
STEP 3. Please confirm the RMA form data is correct or not, then Slide Right to Unlock and Submit

Slide Right to Unlock

Easy steps to fill online RMA form:
1.Please fill in your contact information online.
Please note that don’t add any blank or special character in the Tel or Mobile column; therefore, with the RMA number and the telephone number, you can check the RMA status.
2.Please fill in your information online and make sure to check every information is correct.
3.After submitting the online form, you will receive an email to obtain one RMA number and RMA information
4.Please print the shipping label and send the RMA products to TEAMGROUP via using register mail or express service.

If there are any questions, while you are filling in the online RMA form, please feel free to email us via
Our agent will offer our best service for you.

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