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  • Three-in-one interface (USB 2.0 & micro USB & micro SD)
  • Supports smartphones and tablets with OTG function
  • Supports micro SD cards to easily expand the capacity of smartphones or use as a flash drive
  • Supports Micro SDXC /Micro SDHC/ Micro SD memory cards
  • micro SD hidden front insertion design; compact, lightweight and thoughtful design
  • Supports hot-swap and plug & play
Data transfer is more convenient

Data transfer is more convenient

The global popularity of smartphones/tablet PCs has led to increased inquiries for peripheral mobile devices and applied products. In view of this trend, TEAMGROUP launched a whole new Mobile series portable storage products exclusively designed for smart mobile devices in order to share video and files without wires and conveniently connect computers and mobile devices.

Easy operation, easy connection
Real-time transmission, sharing life

M141 OTG micro SD Reader is suitable for mobile devices that support OTG interface. Once the TF card is inserted into M141, it has two interfaces Micro USB & standard USB2.0 simultaneously. The files, photos and multimedia files on smartphones/tablets running Android systems can be stored onto the M141 through the Micro USB interface and the multimedia files previously saved on the M141 can be browsed directly. The other end is a standard USB2.0 flash drive that can be connected to the computer by itself for users to easily save the files into the computer or play them on the computer.

The maximum transmission bandwidth of the Micro USB port on the M141 dual interface mobile flash drive used to connect to mobile phones and tablets is 480Mbps, which is must faster than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It can provide fast data exchange services and save on mobile internet traffic and it is not restricted by wireless hotspots so multimedia data can be shared at any time and place. Also, by using the USB2.0 flash drive, it can be connected to computers directly to access data, allowing you to enjoy outstanding mobile storage life.

Easy operation, easy connection
Real-time transmission, sharing life
Capacity expansion, unlimited storage
Compact, lightweight, convenient to carry

Capacity expansion, unlimited storage
Compact, lightweight, convenient to carry

M141 has three transmission interfaces simultaneously; not only can it be used as a storage medium for smartphones/tablets and ordinary computers, it can also solve the problem of insufficient built-in storage space of mobile devices which cannot be expanded. In addition, by pushing the yellow latch to remove the micro SD card easily, the micro SD card can be replaced at any time for unlimited storage capacity.

The M141 has a matte etching design on the exterior, along with calm and astringent black colors. It also has a thoughtful dual-cap design that makes it dust-proof and can prevent collision of the USB connector. It is lightweight, compact, and goes very well overall when used on smartphones/tablets. There is a strap hole in the cap that allows it to be strapped onto places, making it more convenient to carry.​​​​​​​

Product Specifications

Model M141
Size  43.8 x 14.7 x 7.2 mm
Interface  USB2.0 & micro USB
Hot Plug  Yes
Operation Temperature 0°C ~70°C
Storage Temperature -20°C~85°C
Weight  2.97g
Warranty MicroSDHC/SDXC - Lifetime warranty
M141 – 1 years warranty
  • We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice.