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  • Complies with JEDEC standard
  • Higher data bandwidth
  • Lower power consumption
  • High performance/High stability/Shock&Vibration/Impact resistance
  • Customized firmware available for customer applications 
  • It is applicable to small server and medium workstation systems


TEAMGROUP's industrial low-voltage memory module products have been through a rigorously controlled production process. Every memory has been through strict testing procedures and burn-in verification and has passed the tests 100%. They have high compatibility, stability and excellent performance, vastly reducing product compatibility problems. They have all passed strict electrical interference and noise tests, ensuring that no electrical interference will be generated for every memory module and cause problems, fulfilling TEAMGROUP Industrial Control's promise to meet the demand for high-quality products. It comes several specifications, allowing customers to choose according to their different needs. Not only are rigorous production processes used to ensure the quality of every memory module, TEAMGROUP's all series memory module products all have lifetime warranties so that you can use them with ease and also enjoy the best guarantees.


Product Specifications

Frequency 2133MHz/2400MHz
Pin Count 288pin
DRAM Configuration 512M x 8


Operation Temperature 0℃~85℃
Dimensions 133.4 x 31.3mm
Weight <15g
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
  • We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice

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