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3866, 3600, 3200

  • Industry-leading DDR4 overclocking memory
  • High-efficiency forging type heat transfer cooling layer
  • INTEL XMP 2.0 compatible
  • T-FORCE fit with OCUK, Powered and Certified by 8 pack.
  • Lifetime warranty
T-FORCE fit with OCUK, Powered and Certified by 8 pack

T-FORCE fit with OCUK, Powered and Certified by 8 pack

Now the T-FORCE series XTREEM and DARK PRO are certified by OCUK famous overclocking champion” 8 pack” to publish all the powerful specifications, which means these DRAM modules are all passed the serious stress performance test and quality insured to be the special 8 packs and T-FORCE edition. No doubt and guaranteed will be the top notch!! Below is the details and link: 8PACK

[ Awards and Reviews ]THE PC ENTHUSIAST

T-FORCE DARK PRO DDR4-3000 16GB Review Dual Channel Kit - The T-FORCE DARK PRO DDR4 memory series is a great memory kit that performs very well. It's great for a gaming PC, and it's also highly recommendable for system builders who want to build a system that performs smoothly. If you like how the DARK PRO series looks, then consider it on your next upgrade or build. (read more)

[ Awards and Reviews ]THE PC ENTHUSIAST
Provides absolute stability and reliability

Provides absolute stability and reliability

T-FORCE 's all-new Overclocking and Gaming memory series – DARK PRO is a high-performance memory module designed specifically for Skylake Z170 chipset, the next generation Intel platform. Developed and certified according to XMP 2.0 standard, DARK PRO provides absolute stability and reliability with laboratory-scale burn-in test and compatibility verification for major motherboard brands worldwide. T-FORCE DARK PRO is built with high efficiency forged aluminum heat spreader. By matching red and gray nameplates to its low-profile iron gray, personal styles can be created. TEAMGROUP also leads the industry by releasing the ultra high-speed DDR4 3,333MHz with 8GB per DIMM. By using the Intel XMP technology, you are able to experience the thrill of DDR4's high-performance on the Skylake Z170 platform. It is an ideal upgrade platform and companion for performance seeking enthusiasts and professional gamer.

The best choice for professional gamers and overclockers

T-FORCE DARK PRO overclocking series is designed for those who pursuit high speed and excellent performance. They are also the best choice for professional gamers and overclockers.
** Desktop computer with functional DDR4 memory slots.

The best choice for professional gamers and overclockers

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 45(H) x 134(L) x 8(W)mm

DataTransfer Bandwidth

DDR4 3200: 25,600MB/s  (PC4 25,600)

DDR4 3600: 28,800MB/s  (PC4 28,800)

DDR4 3866: 30,900 MB/s  (PC4 30,900)

CAS Latency

DDR4 3200:CL14-14-14-34

DDR4 3600: CL16-16-16-36

DDR4 3866CL18-19-19-39

Capacity 8GB*2
Tested Voltage 1.35V
Operating System
  • Desktop computer with DDR4 Memory Slots
  • Required OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
  • We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice.