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  • Are you a creator? How much do you know about T-CREATE? What’s the difference between T-FORCE & T-CREATE?

    Today let’s talk about the trending topic that has been widely discussed since last year: Creator. What is the difference between this type of products and the gaming products that have been very popular in recent years? Which manufacturers are on board with this trend? What are the features of TEAMGROUP’s “T-CREATE” series? Around last July, Intel announced the result of an internal survey, which pointed out that about 200 million people around the world use PCs to create photo, video and 3D content, and 60% of them are interested in the so-called “Creator PC”. Just like the rapidly growing gaming market in recent years, Intel believes that this is a very promising market in the future, therefore PC manufacturers are flocking to release a variety of creator products. The entire market also began to have some news and reviews as the expansion of the diversification of the number of products, and the number of consumers using these products increased, which is probably the origin of this creator trend. Source:的創作者pc將現今個人電腦市場再細分/ The difference between gamers and creators From the origin previously mentioned, we can see that both creator products and gaming products come from an increase in user demand: The “nerd” who played games in those years jumped on the scene and become a gamer, the entire gaming community was suddenly energized and the gaming market was created. With the growing development of self-media and the improvement of the quality and functionality of creative software, a large number of creators have appeared. In addition, the higher consumer demand for PC specifications has also created a market for creators. However, the literal definitions of the two are completely different. The following is the explanation from these aspects. 1. On the aspect of appearance The appearance of gaming products tends to be more black and red, with crazy looks or even RGB lighting to catch people’s attention. The appearance of the creator products is a low-key silver gray with simple and elegant design. The style is both tasteful and pleasant. T-FORCE XTREEM ARGB DDR4 T-CREATE CLASSIC 10L DDR4 2. On the aspect of performance The pursuit of “extreme” performance in gaming products requires even faster speeds, so overclocking is the answer. For creator products, the priority is to pursue “stability”, and speed must be increased under the premise of stability, rather than unlimited pursuit of extreme performance. T-FORCE XTREEM DDR4 T-FORCE CARDEA Ceramic C440 M.2 PCIe SSD T-CREATE EXPERT M.2 PCIe SSD 3. On the aspect of expansion The expansion of gaming products tends to be more comprehensive in terms of peripherals, such as support for high-quality headphones, high-definition live camcorders and other gaming accessories. The expansion needs of creator products are high speed transfer interfaces like Thunderbolt3, or large storage spaces such as NAS. T-FORCE SPARK RGB USB This is the most basic difference between the gaming market and the creator market, and other differences may vary depending on manufacturer’s characteristics. Which brands have entered the “Creator” market currently? Here are a few brands as examples. 1. ASUS ProArt The ASUS ProArt has its own independent website, a wide range of products, and custom optimized software, all of which show ASUS’s high level of care in many small details. ASUS ProArt (Learn More) 2. MSI Content Creator MSI also has its own website with a variety of products, but almost all news on the market are regarding laptops. The MSI Creator Series laptops do have many features specially designed for creators. MSI Content Creator (Learn More) 3. GIGABYTE AERO Among PCB board manufacturers, Gigabyte is relatively conservative, maybe it’s because they are still sitting on the fence. Gigabyte has released a laptop designed for creators. Its performance and design style can fully meet the needs of creators. GIGABYTE AERO (Learn More) 4. ADATA Made for Creators Among the storage manufacturers had long had an independent page on its official website where it offers products to creators. However, the products that can be seen on the independent page are all existing products, so let’s look forward to new creator products from them in the future! ADATA Made for Creator (Learn More) 5. TEAMGROUP T-CREATE Of all the memory manufacturers, TEAMGROUP was the first to make a new product that was truly exclusive for creators. TEAMGROUP has even raised its creator products to the same level as the T-FORCE brand, placing great emphasis on the creator market, therefore it is a valuable reference in the creator market. TEAMGROUP T-CREATE (Learn More) What is T-CREATE? T-CREATE is an all new brand launched by TEAMGROUP in September this year. It was released later than PCB board manufacturers, but it is still the first among storage manufacturers. T-CREATE spends a lot of time investigating actual usage needs. Compared to laptops, memory and SSD are not products that can be used directly, therefore it is necessary to accurately classify consumer groups and understand their usage in order to launch products that respond to consumers’ needs. For the differences between TEAMGROUP, T-FORCE, and T-CREATE, which are the three brands under TEAMGROUP, the following is the ability distribution diagram that we often see when playing games, so you can easily see what their characteristics are. In addition, here is a product matrix of existing T-CREATE products. More T-CREATE products will be launched in the future to expand this product matrix. According to market demand, the T-CREATE series did not start with a 4000MHz memory or a Gen4x4 SSD that reads and writes 5000MB/s, but rather focused on durability and stability, with frequency and speed taking second place. You can go to the official website of TEAMGROUP T-CREATE for more detailed product specifications. T-CREATE Memory (Learn More) T-CREATE SSD (Learn More) Where to Buy

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